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Factors to Consider When Looking for HVAC Equipment

Comfortilo ac repair miamiResearch has shown that over 1500 homeowners in the United States have several factors to put into consideration when they are sourcing for and consequently purchasing heating systems as well as air conditioning equipment. The research conducted by Emerson Climate Technologies established that 5 of the most important considerations that homeowners make are:

  • The cost of buying the equipment
  • The cost of operating the equipment per month
  • Durability and reliability in the long term
  • The ability for the equipment to always produce the air temperature desired every single day and not only on extreme weather days.
  • How well it maintains the desired temperature in the entire area that it serves.

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According to the survey, homeowners want contractors to know that a heating equipment or air conditioner should be able to withstand the temperature demands for a long time without getting damaged or calling for a replacement. To accommodate this need, contractors need to strategize their approach to selling the equipment in order to put more emphasize on this factor. Contractors need to familiarize themselves with the list of most important considerations that homeowners make. They also need to strive to match their product description with the list.

The research also targeted on finding out why owners of HVAC systems that previously exhibited problems were reluctant to purchase new systems. Most of the respondents’ answers to this question indicated that they just prefer to wait until it breaks before considering a replacement. In relation to this, they pointed out that the cost of replacement is quite high and uneconomical, and sometimes not in their budget.

Contractors hence need to be aware of such reasons that customers give for preferring to repair a system. They also should be aware of the dilemma that they are usually in when trying to decide between repairing and replacing. The dilemma is usually because of financial reasons. Contractors should be willing to discuss alternatives of replacement like utility rebates and financing options that could be of help with the replacement decisions.

Thirdly, the research sought to find out what recommendations previous owners of HVAC systems would give to customers who are considering buying the systems. It emerged from the research that what most old homeowners say is for the new owners to first carry out detailed research and find out as much as they can about the systems before committing their money. Others also recommend that a new customer should hire a reliable and trusted contractor to install the systems. Contractors should always be available to assist their customers by providing as much information as possible.

The other question of study was how satisfied consumers felt about their contractors. Most homeowners in the study who reported satisfaction with their contractors had gotten referrals from other satisfied customers. They were also likely to recommend their contractors to new customers. Internet plays a major role in creating referrals. Contractors should take advantage of this to build their online presence. By so doing they are likely to take a bigger market share and help eliminate less than professional contractors that cost many homeowners their hard earned cash.